Quality over Quantity

These days you can find hundreds of new sites featuring music available for license Why come here? Most of the sites you find online are populated with material that is uploaded directly from artists who control their own rights.  Although the staff then categorize the music to optimize search functions, there is little attention paid to quality. Consequently, the music supervisor has to go through literally thousands of tracks to find the right one. We have created here an unique boutique company where quality takes over quantity.

Here you can:

  • Find quality songs with our powerful search engine
  • Search for songs by sound alike, keyword, mood, lenght, keys etc.
  • Download the real files before licensing

Finding the right song is simple and straightforward. Once you selected the right song for your project you can:

Want to save time or you can't find the perfect song?

  • Here we can find it for you!
  • Simply describe to us your needs and receive a project folder with suggested songs the same day.

This is a free service we offer with no purchase commitment.